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Your Name: Sera
Preferred Email: mahoubunnybell (at) gmail (dot) com
Character's name: Florina
Character's fandom: Legend of Mana
Character's Journal: [personal profile] florina

Tell us about the character and his fandom:
Florina is from one of the sub-plots of the game Legend of Mana, which has also been made into a manga of the same name. She is one of the Jumi, a race of what are essentially living gemstones. Jumi are traditionally paired up as knights (fighters) and guardians (healers). Florina is a guardian.

Florina was born as all Jumi are born. Her core formed in the earth or Fa'diel, and her body formed around her core. And then one day she just opened her eyes and there she was, alone and confused out in the world, with no real idea who or what she was. From this point the instincts hidden away in her core kicked in, and she started wandering until she found Etansel, the city of the Jumi. It is the place that all Jumi are drawn to instinctively, the only place where they truly belong.

All was not well in Etansel, however. Because of the magic of the Jumi cores (they allowed the Jumi to cry tears that could heal others) humans and other races had started hunting the Jumi. Raids from neighboring kingdoms happened on a nearly constant basis, killing off more and more of Etansel's population. As a survival instinct many Jumi began to forget the magic of their cores and their ability to cry healing tears along with it. This proved ineffective, though. The other races kept hunting them despite it all, and now the Jumi were being left with fewer and fewer healers. Eventually even the Clarius, the symbol of the race and the one responsible for healing those with nobody else to heal them, forgot how to cry and a new Clarius had to be selected. Florina was the one selected, both because her core shone the brightest of any member of her race, and because her personality was well suited for the role.

Upon being instated as Clarius, Florina was paired up with her Knight (Jumi traditionally work in Knight-Guardian pairs), Lady Blackpearl. She was the strongest of the Royal Guard and therefore most suited to the position of the one that would defend their race's most important member. Florina and Blackpearl bonded quickly, and became the best of friends. For awhile it seemed that things might be okay despite the fact that the Jumi were forgetting how to cry, but now even newborn Jumi lacked the ability to shed tears. There were fewer and fewer people out there that could heal Florina's core should she exhaust herself from healing. And then one day- there were none. Florina was the only of the Jumi that could shed tears. It was a virtual death sentence for Florina, but Diana (the dictator-like leader of the Jumi) kept sending those that needed healing to the Clarius.

Around that time something notable happened. Florina met another member of the Royal Guard, a Jumi named Alexandra (Jumi of Alexandrite) that could switch gender at will. Alexandra didn't think that Florina's situation was at all fair, and as she (he?) got to know Florina felt that she deserved to live more than any of the Jumi that she was sacrificing her life to heal. Around this time the end was approaching for Florina, and Blackpearl decided that she would leave in search of the Sword of Mana and a way to heal Florina with it. While she was away it was decided that Alexandra would stand-in as Florina's knight, a decision that was nearly the death of the entire race.

Alexandra first fought Blackpearl and nearly killed her, kidnapped Florina and locked her away in a spatial distortion known as "Pandora's Box", and then vanished and left the rest of the Jumi to die out while she searched for a cure for Florina. Finally she/he/it found one- that required the cores of 1,000 Jumi. While Florina had nightmares in Pandora's Box her Alexandra started hunting the cores and the few survivors of her own race.

Blackpearl meanwhile had gained a second personality after her fight with Alexandra, one of a guardian known as Pearl. Pearl met up with a newborn knight known as Elazul, and the two of them eventually met up with the heroine of Legend of Mana and drew her into the struggle.
Alexandra nearly succeeded in her quest to heal Florina, feeding the cores of all the other Jumi (including her/his own core) to the Lord of Jewels so that he could create a teardrop crystal and heal Florina, but the Lord of Jewels then went berserk and the heroine had to kill him. Afterwards, distressed by the story of the dying race (now with just Florina left), the heroine cried for the Jumi, and a miracle happened. All 1,000 of the cores eaten by the Lord of Jewels were returned to life as the heroine turned to stone. Florina then led her race in restoring the heroine to flesh and blood, and the city of Etansel was restored to life once again, with all the Jumi able to cry again and far less Jewel raids from outsiders (Alexandra vanished sometime during this, but Florina wishes that he/she/it would return to Etansel and still considers her a friend).

Florina remains the Clarius of Etansel, and Blackpearl remains her knight (when she's not in her 'Pearl' persona)... that was she did, until Florina woke up in this place...

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